Unilever Kenya Ltd. Reduces manufacturing costs and improves product quality with new SCADA system

\"UnileverUnilever Kenya Ltd. Is the largest single manufacturer for consumer products in the Kenyan market. It is a part of the Multinational group Unilever.

Detergent powder is already being manufactured using a semi automatic process. The upgrading of the process is presently being focused of the raw material handling and the slurry making sections.

Most of the construction, mechanical and electrical works were in an advanced stage of completion before initialization of the project, therefore this had to be considered during the design of the automation system.

The aim of the automation project were as follows:

  • to reduce production expenses
  • to increase product quality
  • introduce flexibility in the manufacturing process

The scope of the project was as follows

  • to supply, install and commission a weighing system for nine tanks
  • to design, supply, install and commission automation hardware
  • to design HMI visualization software and PLC control program for the new system

One central S7-400 PLC was connected to a WinCC control and monitoring station via a Process Field Bus (PROFIBUS) network. Four ET-200M Extended Terminal stations were used for effective communication between the MCCs and a tank farm. The system is also interfaced to a third party (installed by Hamworthy, England) Burner Management System (BMS).

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