BAT Thika goes hi-tech with the new Simatic TP-270 10 inch touch panel

After the successful automation of line one of BAT Thika Green Leaf Threshing Plant (GLT), BAT decided to automate a section of the plant dedicated to production of tobacco leaf butts. In this section, the tobacco leaves are loaded into machines that cut off the stem section hence producing butts. These butts are then taken through a conditioning process and packed ready for transport.

One S7-300 PLC that is interfaced to a touch panel controls the whole system. This SIMATIC TP 270 touch panel is an innovative human machine interface device with a built-in Windows CE operating system for complex machine visualization applications. It features comprehensive HMI functionality, including:

  • Process value indication
  • Pixels graphic diagrams, trend curves and bar charts
  • Password protection
  • Process visualization¬†

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