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Type testing in low-voltage switchgear is increasingly becoming an issue of prime importance worldwide. In future, there will be no other solution. But how far does one really have to go to a accomplish a type test? Often too far.

But that is now a thing of the past. With the "SIVACON Technology Partner" concept, Siemens is bringing the versatility and type-tested SIVACON low voltage switchboard to your door.

To this end, Siemens has picked competent, local switchgear manufacturers and appointed them SIVACON Technology Partners. Your SIVACON Technology Partner will receive the concentrated know-how of Siemens at terms and conditions that only a local vendor is able to offer. For you, this means: SIVACON including type testing - faster, more flexibility and at lower cost than ever before.

Your Advantage: "SIVACON Technology Partners"
These are qualified and permanently audited switchboard panel manufacturers, which Siemens has selected, close to you. This means that you always have the wealth of Siemens know-how at conditions that only a local supplier can offer. Fast, flexible and favorably priced.

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