Power, Transmission and Distribution

Our high and medium voltage department has been actively involved with all the major utilities across the region. We have been known to associate with quality products and solutions. Our major customers are KPLC, KENGEN, UEDCL, UMEME and TANESCO among others where we have supplied products. In Uganda, we have completed substation prjects of 132Kv/45MVA.

We have now shifted focus to industry customer with a view to help our customers lower the cost of electricity. In Kenya, we have successfully shifted our customers from low voltage metering to HV metering at 11KV and 33KV. Among our most recent customers are General Printers Ltd, Keroche Breweries Ltd & Pembe Flour Mills Ltd.

Turnkey Engineering Solutions

We offer complete solutions including Project Design, Engineering, Installation, Retrofit, Testing, Pre-Commissioning of Power Plants, Transmission & Distribution Substations, Process Plants, Industries, Factories, Electrical System Operation & Maintenance, Testing of Protection Relays, Special Field Testing of EHV/HV/MV/LV - Electrical Equipment, Service contracts etc.

Our solutions and products are of high quality and reliability. We will ensure we are with you for the entire life cycle of any supplies/Projects we undertake. Any failures in this area is normally catastrophic as it could lead to major losses and hence the need for specialized expertise and quality products.

Major solutions for industries & Utilities

Outdoor/Indoor Sub-Stations - Right selection of MV/HV/EHV Switchgears, Control & Protection Relay panels, Distribution & Power Transformers, Current Transformers, Voltage Transformers, Surge Arresters, Supporting Structures, Insulators, Bus Bar Tube/Over head conductors, Earthing, Cables & Accessories.

Reference Projects (Kenya)
Outdoor and Indoor Sub-Stations Project Completed/Under Execution:

  • James Finlay Ltd - 33KV Sub-Station
  • General Printers Ltd - 11KV Sub-Station
  • Keroche Breweries Ltd - 33KV Sub-Station
  • Pembe Flour Mills Ltd - 11kv Sub-Station


Retrofit Project for Industries

  • Sony Sugar - Retrofit of 10 Nos SIEMENS Switchgear with SIEMENS SIPROTEC Protection Relay.


Green field projects

  • Tropical Power - First Bio-Gas Power plant from vegetable waste in Africa
  • General Printers Ltd - First Solvent Extraction Plant in Africa and Asia
  • Bidco Oil Refineries Ltd - 2.1MW Co-gen power plant using sunflower seed husk waste


Major supply to Utilities

  • Power Transformers (Toshiba) of various sizes (21 Nos to KPLC)
  • Distribution Transformers (Toshiba) of various sizes (12,360 Nos to KPLC)


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