Energy saving and power factor correction

The electricity cost has been going up and the trend is this will continue for the foreseeable future. We would like to focus on helping to reduce the electricity cost for our customers. This can be done by first carrying out a power study, which we can conduct with a Eberle Power Quality Analyiser. From this study and the information on the installed load we can discuss with the users and come up with a strategy to reduce consumption. Typical areas could be Effective PF correction, Right Sizing and Energy efficient motors, Installation of VFD, Removal of Valves and Dampers and use of VFD with closed loop control, Automation etc..

Power Factor Correction

IET has been selling Epcos capacitors and other PF related accessories in the market for many areas. We can study the customer’s plant by means of Power Quality recorders and suggest the most optimum solution with regards to the type and size of PF bank required for your Factory. The PF banks we supply can be choked based on the Harmonics in the plant. We can also supply PF with fuses or MCBs protection, Contactor switched or thyristor switched, Fixed compensating or automatic controlled compensating type. Please call us for the most efficient and reliable solution on PF.

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