IET is a Siemens BT partner for BMS and Fire protection. Our objective is to offer our customer state of the art Siemens solutions in this area. We further understand that having a high technology solution means high service requirement to keep this in operation and without any failures. We will ensure we do this by having a trained and qualified staff available to you.

IET Offers the Siemens DESIGO INSIGHT, the comprehensive solution for building management.

  • Desigo Insight has been designed to be used mainly in non-residential buildings such as;
    Commercial areas/ buildings
    Industrial buildings

Siemens Building automation systems


Desigo Insight is scalable and can be easily integrated to other building system such as;

  • Lightning
  • Generators
  • Fire system
  • Security system
  • HVAC system
  • Energy distribution system e.g energy meters

The range of application is from small stand-alone buildings to large networked building complexes.

System Hierarchy

The Desigo System is divided into three levels of hierarchy;

  1. Management Level
  2. Automation level
  3. Field Level

Management and Automation Levels can operate both autonomously and in a network.

Management Level

Here we have the management stations as well as WEB and terminal services for higher level operation and monitoring.

Automation Level

Automation System for control, Operation and monitoring of primary plant

Room automation system for control of individual rooms and for operation of lights and blinds

Field Level

Here we have the sensors, detectors, actuators e.t.c. These are not part of the Desigo system but are required to operate the overall system. They may be from third party.

Protocols of Communication

Desigo Insight uses three worldwide standard protocols for the exchange of information between its own system components; BACnet, LONWORKS Desigo Insight Management station-On the Management stationand KNX.

BACnet is used for exchange of information at the automation station level.

For Communication at the room automation, Desigo uses LONWORKS and KNX standards as well as RXL bus.

Desigo and IT installations

The Desigo system can be embedded in existing IT Ethernet/LAN infrastructures. The system can also have its own infrastructure.

Operating devices

Operators of the Desigo building automation and control system have a versatile range of equipment at their disposal for use.        



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