Energy solutions for KAM members

You have problems?

  • Increased electric power bill
  • Increased peak KVA demand
  • Power quality problems associated with harmonics
  • Power quality problems associated with voltage surges and dips
  • Power quality problems associated with phase imbalance
  • Issues with Ground current/ Earth Leakage
  • Unexplained and frequent equipment failure or erratic operation
  • Frequent and unplanned plant shutdown

Leading to...

  • Inefficient plant and process operation
  • Increased spending on equipment maintenance
  • Increased plant downtime
  • Critical equipment failure
  • Reduced lifespan of electrical equipment
  • Reduced profit margins

We have solutions!

  • Onsite measurement and assessment of power quality
  • Analysis of site specific problems with power quality
  • Detailed technical report preparation
  • Specification of suitable energy saving and power improvement equipment
  • Performance verification
  • Technical training

energy solutions for KAM members